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Have some fanfiction.

Title: Dragonflies
Author: merae
Characters/Pairings: Dustfinger/Meggie
Rating: Light T
Summary: A short DustMeggie oneshot. I love this pairing and wanted to give them a happy ending without plotting an entire fic — it's pretty vague, sort of a choose-your-own-canon piece. This is futurefic, so while Meggie's age isn't mentioned, she's definitely past the age of consent here.
Movieverse. (i.e. Slightly AU from the series: Roxane, Doria, nothing after the first book exists in this fic.)

Dustfinger looked up the hill and saw the dark, small shape of a girl lying in the grass by the hammock.

He looked up and, seeing no stars, had an idea.

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Is anyone looking for a Dustfinger to play with? I haven't taken him out in a few months and he is beginning to get antsy.
I do Dustfinger/Resa, Farid, Meggie, Roxane, and just standard friendship/traveling type stuff. More familiar with the movie but I know a fair amount about the books.
If this isn't allowed, feel free to delete.
Inception: Eames/Arthur

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Hi there fellow Dustfinger fans :)

Let me try to get you all excited about jenniferpaul_ic, an icon contest community for fans of the adorable Paul Bettany and his gorgeous wife, the very talented Jennifer Connelly. ;) Our current challenge is all about our beloved Dustfinger portrayed by Paul, so I thought that some of you might be interested. Or let's say, I hoped so! ^^

We are in desperate need of new members and participants in the challenges, so please - if you like to make icons, and happen to love Dustfinger and Mr. Bettany (which should be the case here, I guess ^^ ), join us! I'd love to see you there :)